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1,2-propylene oxide(PO)


PO(1,2-propylene oxide)

PO (1, 2 - propylene oxide,CAS NO.75-56-9)is color...


PO (1, 2 - propylene oxide,CAS NO.75-56-9)is colorless flammable liquid,readily explosive by heat or spark and strongly reached with hydrogen chloride, sulfuric acid. PO is soluble in a lot of organic solvents and it can be used to make polyols, propylene glycols, surfactant, flame retardants, etc. Its derivatives are widely used in automobile,furniture, construction, food, medicine and cosmetics etc.


High-class product:         &n...

High-class product:               
Acidity content (acetic acid) /w%  ≤0.0015
Water content /w%  ≤0.005
Aldehyde content (propionaldehyde) /w%  ≤0.005

Cooxidation method of propylene oxide has great ad...

Cooxidation method of propylene oxide has great advantages over traditional chlorohydrination process expecially in environmental aspects;
Our product has excellent and stably quality. It has low formaldehyde value and acidity, less water and ethylene oxide content.
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