2014-07-08 15:35:00

"No child left behind" Wanhua Chemical helps left-behind children


The huge rich-poor gap due to rapid economic development throughout China has forced workers from the rural areas to flood into the cities, which has created millions of children left behind in the rural areas. More than 80 percent of the rural students left behind by city-bound parents are poorly taken care of and hardly have access to school resources.


Employees at Wanhua Chemical embrace the opportunity to look after the economically disadvantaged kids and donated clothing and school supplies to the Yangxin County. Wanhua Chemical hosted a 2-week donation drive and thousands of items, including kids’ clothes, extra-curricular books and stationery were collected by the end of June.

By lending a hand to the kids who need assistance with basic supplies, we believe we’re one step forward to make a difference.