2018-07-05 13:53:00

Wanhua Chemical to Introduce Reactive PUR Hot Melts

People tend to emphasize unique styles and sophisticated details when doing home decoration in recent years, for which the materials flexible in style have become the top choice.
PVC and melamine papers are often used as decorative surface layer. They are bonded with an adhesive to substrates such as solid wood, particle boards and wood-plastic panel. The adhesive used must ensure that the bonded layers are stable with no falling off or bulging and that the furniture is kept ornamental.
Wanhua Chemical introduces two series to perfectly meet such needs. They will ensure that the surface and the substrate are firmly attached to each other, the surface is flat and smooth, and the decorative sheets are more artistic and durable.
The WANNATE® 6089* and 6080* series are reactive polyurethane hot melts, one-component and solvent free, suitable for wrapping and flat gluing respectively. They are characterized by rapid positioning and high initial adhesion. Due to the reactivity of the adhesives, a cross-linked structure will be formed inside the adhesive layer after the initial adhesion is formed and the glue reacts sufficiently with the moisture in the air or on the surface of the substrate, which makes the layer more stable and durable, and can perfectly meet the needs for pasting and covering the surface materials on various types of plates.
At the coming 16th PU China show, we will officially launch new PUR hot melt adhesive products. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.