2018-03-29 08:35:00

CHINAPLAS 2018|An Invisible Coat for Your Car

Wanhua Chemical introduces the optimal protection for your car paint

All car owners want the surface of their cars bright as new. However, the car paint tends to get badly scratched when cars are exposed to the sun and rain, being washed and running on the road.

How can we maintain its brightness?
Options might be
• Use a car cover. Suitable only for short term outdoor storage and protection. Abrasive ones can even harm the exterior paint.
• Car waxing. Oxidation acceleration and color fading will happen afterwards.
• Polishing. But it leads to thinner and thinner OEM coating. 

Wanhua aliphatic TPU film offers vehicles an environmentally-friendly invisible coat to perfectly protect its paint. It features yellowing resistance and wear resistance as well as self-healing capability for scratches. It does not only improve 30 percent gloss for the original surface, but protects it from acid rain, gravels, bird droppings and ultraviolet ray.  

At CHINAPLAS 2018, Wanhua Chemical will unveil the latest polyester and polyether aliphatic products and innovations which can be used to produce non-yellowing TPU films. This film features superior toughness, wearability, transparency and yellowing resistance.

☞ Superior ductility and tensility
☞ Yellowing resistance and aging resistance
☞ oil resistance, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance
☞ Optimal transparency
☞ Superior softness and shape memory
Wanhua Chemical Aliphatic TPU Products and Solutions
Model Product Hardness Tensile Strength Tearing Strength Elongation Abrasion Light Transmittance
Standard ASTM D2240 ASTM D412 ASTM D624 ASTM D412 ISO 4649 ASTM D1003
Unit Shore A Mpa N/mm % mm3 %
WHT-A185 85 30 90 500 30 91.5
WHT-A190 90 32 95 450 30 90.5
WHT-A880 80 25 80 600 60 91.0
WHT-A885 85 25 85 550 40 90.3
WHT-A890 90 28 90 550 40 90.3

Date: April 24th-27th
Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)
Booth: 6.2 G63
For more information, please contact: 0535-3388825