2018-03-08 14:03:00

Wanhua Chemical Group Wins "Supplier of the year 2017" Award from Axalta Coatings System

March 8, 2018 - Wanhua Chemical Group, a global leader in the production and marketing of Polyurethanes and Petrochemicals, was recognized as a “Supplier of the year 2017” by Axalta Coatings System. Dr. Howard Ding, General Manager of Performance Chemicals BU and Marc Block, General Manager of ADI Business accepted the award on behalf of the company. 

The award recognizes top suppliers who were selected based on their ability to meet specific Quality, Service, Technology, and Value criteria, as well as their ability to meet Axalta’s Compliance & Sustainability Requirements.

Dr. Howard Ding and Marc Block of Wanhua Chemical Group received this award from Charles Shaver, Axalta Chairman and CEO and Dan Key, Axalta Senior Vice President of Operations, Procurement and Supply Chain.
“Congratulations to our 2017 Supplier of the Year award winners who are being recognized for their contributions to Axalta and for being great business partners,” said Charles Shaver.
The relationship between Axalta and Wanhua started in 2013 and quickly expanded to multiple product categories and regions. “We are very excited to receive this prestigious award", mentioned by Dr. Howard Ding, “Axalta has been a key partner to our Coatings Raw Material business from the very beginning and we will further strengthen this relationship by developing high quality materials together”.

Official Axalta Coatings Systems Press Release