2017-11-02 09:13:57

Productivity Improvement for Appliance - Let You Experience Wanhua’s Speed

With the appliance industry centralization and labor cost rising, cost reduction and efficiency improvement have become the primary task of appliance enterprises. Improving demoulding efficiency of refrigerator, freezers, water heaters etc., is the core technology to reduce the overall production cost of appliance. Wanhua Chemical Polyol SBU has focused on the key issue to develop fast demoulding blended polyol system with multl-blowing agent, we have got the decisive technical breakthrough, which makes foam demoulding time reduced from 300s to 210s-240s,  basically achieve one shift (12 sets of mold) 1500 units. Wanhua Chemical Polyol SBU has made significant progress in fast demoulding system through extensive research, and has developed the Wanefoam® RCB series of fast demoulding products to further improve the productivity.

Introduction of Wanefoam® RCB fast demoulding system: Wanefoam® RCB system improves the molecular cross-linking density through the use of patented high-functional base polyol; at the same time, optimizes the ratio of additives to improve the demoulding performance to the greatest extent, which improve the productivity. To lay a solid foundation on productivity, cost reduction and market competitiveness increase for customers.
Typical parameter comparison
Item Normal System Wanefoam® RCB Fast demoulding system
Cream Time, s 7 5
Gel Time, s 46 44
FRD, kg/m3 23.0 23.0
(Mold size 110*30*5cm, Mold Temp. 45℃, Packing ratio 15%)
Average core density, kg/m3 31.7 32.0
Compressive strength, KPa 170.5 173.2
Pressure tank deformation 2.3% 1.4%
K factor, 10℃, mW/m.K 18.80 18.45
Dimensional stability(-30℃,24h) -0.28% -0.23%
Demoulding performance (Mold Size: 70*40*10cm, Mold Temp. 45℃)
Max deformation(150s), % 4.34 3.52
Max deformation(180s), % 3.46 3.05

Performance in customers: Wanefoam® RCB fast demoulding system has been successfully applied in well-known domestic appliance enterprises. For the ordinary two-door and three-door model (foam thickness: 80-100mm), the demoulding time reduced from 210s to 150s-160s; for the side-by-side refrigerator, the demoulding time reduced from 240s to 180s-210s, production of one shift increased from 2000 units/day to 2500 units/day, and productivity increased 25%, which has increased a huge economic benefits for customers.

Wanefoam® RCB not only improves production efficiency, but also has obvious advantages in surface bubbles, foam strength, and K factor. Wanefoam® RCB exhibits excellent surface bubbles and filling properties especially in the side-by-side refrigerator with high flowability requirements.

At present, Wanefoam® RCB products have been used stably for one year, and at the same time solve the problem that PU foam will easily detach from substrate when the ambient temperature is reduced, withstood the extreme weather in winter.

Product upgrade direction :
1、Wanefoam® RCB fast demoulding system with special additives to reduce the surface tension between the foam and the refrigerator substrate, which is conducive to the flow and disperse of foam, and further optimize the demoulding time to 120-140s, to truly achieve efficient production.
2、Wanefoam® RCB fast demoulding system applied in four mixing heads injection processing, quickly filled the entire refrigerator in a short time, making the foam distribute more uniform, reduce the bubbles at the confluence points, shorten the demoulding time and improve the quality of the refrigerator.

Wanhua Chemical Group sets up Polyol SBU in March, 2015, by combining Wanhua Rongwei and the flexible polyol in Bajiao industrial park. Wanhua Rongwei mainly supplies the rigid polyol, CASE polyol and blended polyol, which has 3 plants of Yantai (North China), Foshan (South China) and Ningbo (East China), with the total capacity as 170KT of rigid polyol and CASE polyol, 150KT of blended polyol. Its products include 17 series, over 100 grades, widely applied in many areas, such as household appliance, panel, imitating-wood, pipe, cold chain, auto, spray coating, coal reinforcement, etc.

The flexible polyol in Bajiao industrial park mainly produces flexible polyol for slabstock foam, high-resilience foam (HR) and POP with capacity of 180KT. Products are widely used to produce slabstock foam of different densities and mold HR foam.

Wanhua Chemical Polyol SBU has been aiming to be the leader in domestic polyol industry, to improve the global market influence, and to become the most reliable chemical raw material supplier & service provider.