2017-07-17 16:55:00

Wanhua Chemical joins hands with Hisense Refrigerator on building public ecosystem

"Wonder Lab", organized by Wanhua Chemical for primary and secondary school students, is a large-scale activity with the topic of popularization of chemical science. The activity has been held in Yantai, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Dazhou for nearly ten times since 2015, with the aim to inspire their innovative thinking and improve their problem-solving abilities, allowing students to experience the fantastic chemical world at a close distance and become innovative talents in the future.

Last July, Hisense invited 39 teachers and students from Chenjiaba Primary School in Beichuan to participate in the activity of "Reading, Seeing the sea and Viewing the world" in Qingdao. As Hisense's important action in fulfilling its social responsibilities, the activity aimed to provide teachers and students from deprived areas with an opportunity to open their eyes and learn more about the world. At the invitation of Hisense Refrigerator, Wanhua Chemical organized a special activity called "Wonder Lab" for students from Chenjiaba Primary School and Qingdao Yiyang Road Primary School, which was highly praised by the general public.

This year, Hisense's "China Science Popularization • Hisense's Polular Science Tour - Seeing the Sea 2017", invited 30 teachers and students from Hisense Chenjiaba Primary School in Beichuan, Maohe Primary School in Kunming, and Wenshang Primary School in Jining, to visit Qingdao during summer vacation. On July 17, 2017, Wanhua Chemical, together with Hisense Refrigerator, kepuchina.cn and xinhuanet.com, provided students with a series of science courses. In the "Wonder Lab", students experienced the joy of chemical experiments at a close distance, which spurred their interests in chemistry and science.

"Three Technology Conferences" highlighted that technological innovation and popularization of science were the two cornerstones for innovation and development, and the popularization of science was of the same importance as technical innovation, which indicated that China would invest more in technology development. The popularization of science in deprived areas has always been a challenge. However, the science courses offered an opportunity for teachers and students in those areas to open their mind and learn more about the world.

Enterprises should be the leader in creating social welfares. While maintaining rapid business growth, Wanhua Chemical always regards fulfilling social responsibilities as the motivation for long-term development. The active participation in the public welfares shows our tireless efforts in creating a better life and better social education. Moreover, it manifests the social responsibility of a Chinese enterprise.

Wanhua Chemical has cooperated with Hisense Refrigerator for a long time and also has worked together in public welfares for many years. With the idea of "Responsible care", Wanhua Chemical will maintain close communication and cooperation with Hisense Group, and be committed to building the ecosystem of public welfares. Meanwhile, apart from the business cooperations, we hope that more enterprises will get involved in public welfares cooperatively and make contributions to the development and advancement of the society.