2017-03-24 09:27:22

Welcome to Visit Wanhua Chemical at FEIPLASTIC 2017

Feiplastic 2017 will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 3-7, 2017. At this exhibiton, Wanhua Chemical will focus on innovative Wanthane® portfolio of TPU products and Clarnate® portfolio of PC products. At the booth U11, Wanhua Chemical will bring you innovative products and value-added services, to fully meet your needs for diversified high-performance materials.
At Feiplastic 2017, Wanhua Chemical will present Wanthane® general purpose TPU, non-yellowish aliphatic TPU and TPU adhesive series. These products can be widely applied in the fields of pipes, cables, films, automobiles, engineering, construction, shoes and clothes, etc., providing a comprehensive environmental protection and customized solution for you.
GENERAL PURPOSE TPU: Excellent wear resistance, high mechanical properties, outstanding acid & alkali resistance, good processability.
NON-YELLOWISH ALIPHATIC TPU: Excellent resistance to yellowing, 5 years outdoor use without discoloration; Abrasion decreased by 50%, processing temperature decreased by 15 ℃, molding cycle shortened by 8s compared with general grade TPU.
TPU HOT-MELT ADHESIVES: Rapid bonding, solvent free, repeatedly melted, excellent elasticity and toughness; Casting & coating processing method; Processing temperature, crystallization rate, modulus, melting point, melt flow rate, and bond strength can be customized to meet customer’s requirements.
TPU SOLVENT-BASED ADHESIVE: Fast dissolution rate, high crystallinity and high bonding strength; Environmental solvent such as acetone, ethyl acetate, etc.; Activation temperature, viscosity and crystallization rate can be customized to meet customer’s requirements.
The new born polycarbonate expands the product portfolio of Wanhua Chemical. Increasingly concerned by more interested customers, Wanhua will exhibit a new range of basic polycarbonate resin containing tailored property in UV resistance and easy demoulding etc. The polycarbonate compounding products include flame retardant PC, glass fiber reinforced PC, light diffusion PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT. This kind of performance material can be widely used in electronics, automotive, construction, optics and medical fields.
Welcome to visit our booth U11!
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