2018-08-01 09:30:00

Wanhua Chemical Exhibits at PU CHINA 2018

Polyurethane is known for its structural diversity and flexibility, which could be used for sound absorption, industrial protection, structural reinforcement, soft and flexible pillow and mattress as well as coating adhesives. This environmentally-friendly and omnipotent material is now utilized in every aspect of our daily life.

Today, the 16th PU CHINA trade show officially opens in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Wanhua Chemical exhibits products and solutions ranging from home furnishing, automobiles and sports.

Home Furnishing
-Memory Foam Series
The comfort of mattress and pillow affects the quality of sleep to a great extent. Materials versatile to satisfy the requirements of being firm, soft, breathable, flexible and perfectly fit to the physiological curvature at the same time, are desired. Wanhua’s slow rebound series products are MDI-based, soft, safe, air permeable and environmentally-friendly so that you could feel as comfortable as up in the clouds.
-PUR Hot Melts                                                                                                                               
PVC and melamine paper are often used as decorative surface layer. They are attached to wood boards, particle boards or wood-plastic boards by adhesives. In order to ensure the stability and nice appearance of furniture, the adhesive must be used to protect a stable adhesive layer, without glue failure and bulging.
The WANNATE® 6089* and 6080* series are reactive polyurethane hot melts, one-component and solvent free, suitable for coating and plain paste. They can ensure a set of firmly attached skin and substrates as well as smooth surface, which makes the decorative sheets more artistic and durable.

- Self-skinning Foam for Engine Hood
WANEFLEX® 540F coupling with WANNATE® 8629 features excellent formability, compact micro-porous structure to achieve superb sound absorption, heat resistance and aging performance. Instead of traditional nylon material, the rate of weight reduction can reach 30%.
- Semi-rigid Foam System for Dash Board
WANEFLEX® 582H/WANANTE® 80582 combo only takes 90 seconds for a demoulding cycle, ensuring the safety performance of the dash board and the flame resistance performance of finished products.

A new MDI system environmentally friendly polyurethane solution for running track surfaces of 100% solid content. No solvent and chlorinated vegetable oil plasticizer added which means no more irritating smells.

Visit our booth for more detailed information at PU CHINA 2018.

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center
Booth: International Hall #60