2018-07-20 09:17:00

Wanhua Chemical to Introduce PMMA Products

Underwater world is definitely a good choice to spend hot days in summer. While walking in underworld tunnels and appreciating the magical view, have you ever worried about this: what if the tons of water burst? Well, such a concern will never occur thanks to organic glass. Its superb performance offers a underwater fairy land for you.
Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) as known as organic glass, depends on its weather ability, impact resistance, light transmittance and many other excellent properties, has been widely used in flat panel display, automobiles, lightening, daily necessities and constructions. The consumption of PMMA is pretty huge in China but the self-sufficiency rate is not high, which is particularly true for high-end PMMA as it depends 100% on import.
To meet the demand for high performance PMMA, Wanhua Chemical, after years of independent R&D, designed the Phase I project of PMMA in bulk polymerization process whose capacity goes as high as 80,000 tons. It will become the PMMA plant with the highest single train capacity in the world. Wanhua Chemical aims to create a better life for customers in every aspects.
As a key component for mobile phones, computers and TV sets, the light guide plate raises extremely high requirements for optical performance and cleanliness of the product and PMMA is the best choice. Wanhua’s light-grade PMMA has advantages due to its integrated and totally enclosed pipeline transportation, high purity and high light transmittance. HD08L is for extrusion molding, while SF06L has excellent fluidity which is ideal for the production of injection guide plate. 
PMMA has been widely used in automotive interior and exterior accessories, automobile headlights and other components. Wanhua’s heat-resistant PMMA product HD01 is the best choice for automobile taillight lampshade. The product has good transparency, excellent scratch resistance and no need for spraying. It enjoys excellent weather resistance, so no yellowing or fading will occur even after years of weathering.
PMMA is an important material for LED lampshade because of its fantastic irradiation resistance, and it is also the best material for LED lens. The lampshade made by Wanhua PMMA HD01 product has good brightness and softness. The lampshade has good resistance to yellowing and no obvious yellowing after UV lamp irradiation test. The product HD01L has high purity and is easy to be molded, and suitable for lens products of various specifications.
PMMA is a common material for making spectacle lenses. Wanhua PMMA HD01 product is of high transmittance which brings a fine extensive view. Ultraviolet barrier effect can be added for more effective eye protection based on requirements. In addition, it can provide a wealth of color solutions, a variety of colorful rs at your choice.
PMMA is also a preferable material in cosmetics. It is the first choice for many high-end cosmetic packaging bottles. Wanhua’s high mobility PMMA product SF01 features good fluidity, easy injection molding and good transparency. It is also characterized by excellent scratch resistance. Its good wrestling resistance is 10 times better than regular glass.

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