2018-07-09 13:58:00

Wanhua Chemical to Display Lightweight Cars Exhibition

Lightweight is the trend for the automotive industry, in which plasticization is an important solution. For traditional cars, the advantages of being lightweight include fuel saving, reduction in carbon emissions and improvement of driving maneuverability. For new energy vehicles, being lightweight can help prolong battery life and is an important driving force for explosive growth of the industry.
On July 11, Asia’s Lightweight Automotive Trade Fair will be held in Shanghai, which will focus on the major trends and hot issues about lightweight materials, components, processing technology and structural optimization. During the exhibition, China Synthetic Resin Supply and Marketing Association will set up a special area for non-metallic materials and display the various applications of non-metallic materials to reducing weight of cars and their features. At the exhibition, Wanhua Chemical will introduce solutions to apply engineering plastics and elastomer products to the automotive field, and provide customized materials for OEMs and supporting manufacturers.

  • CLARNATE® Polycarbonate and WanBlend® Polycarbonate Alloy
Polycarbonate materials have outstanding comprehensive performance, high optical transparency, impact resistance and thermal stability, and are applicable to automotive headlights, panoramic sunroofs, interior and exterior, and charging equipment for new energy vehicles.
  •  ACRYPLAS® Polymethyl Methacrylate  
With high transparency, weather resistance and scratch resistance, it is easy to shape, and applicable to automotive taillights, columns and instrument panels with a variety of color schemes.
  • WANTHANE® Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer  
With little odor, low VOC, and outstanding long-term aging performance, it is widely used in automotive interior and cables, such as instrument panel cover / TPU cover, foot pedal / injection molding and coating for cup holder, and ABS brake cable.

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