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Openning Up

Openning Up


The National Engineering Center of Polyurethane Center owns three state-certified analysis laboratories, which provide various testing services for PU raw materials, materials and manufactured goods, including window fire testing for thermal insulation materials of exterior walls.

Consultation & Service

The National Engineering Center of Polyurethane  Center provides consultation and training in application technologies of relevant products in the PU field, consultation and training of safety and environmental protection technologies, and offers opportunities for scientific research internships to students from scientific research institutions and colleges.

Research and Development

To meet the need of industry and enterprises, the Center undertakes tasks such as establishing standards in the PU field, developing analysis methods, researching and developing new products and new technologies, and developing engineering technologies.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer fields are as follows: B1 and B2 energy-saving thermal insulation system materials for construction, environmental friendly water-based paint and adhesive resins, high-density organic wastewater catalytic wet air oxidation treatment technology, comprehensive treatment technology of exhaust gas from chemical production, technology of preparing high-purity carbon monoxide with waste carbon dioxide and coke and energy saving and emission reduction technology for making chlorine through the catalytic oxidation of industrial by-product hydrogen chloride.

Exchange of Technologies

The National Engineering Center of Polyurethane Center holds industrial technology forum of National Engineering Center for Polyurethane once a year and periodically organizes technical talks and conducts academic exchanges. Specialists and scholars in the industry are welcome to carry out discussions on industrial technology innovation in the center for common development.

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