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Production Recommendation

Production Recommendation

High-density organic wastewater catalytic wet air oxidation (CWAO) treatment technology

\Catalytic wet air oxidation (CWAO) high-density organic wastewater treatment technology is a wastewater purification treatment technology that oxidizes and decomposes the organic matters and ammonia nitrogen in highly difficult-degraded wastewater into innocuous substances like CO2, H2O, N2, etc. respectively through air oxidation under high temperature and high pressure and the effect of catalyst. It is a highly efficient and stable environmental protection technology for treating high-density, poisonous and harmful, difficultly-biodegraded wastewater. This technology can be widely used in treating the high-density industrial wastewater produced from coking, chemical, petroleum and compound industries, especially some wastewater that contains poisonous substances and is difficult to treat in other ways, for example, organic pesticide, dye, synthetic fiber, the inflammables and the explosives as well as difficultly biodegraded high-density industrial waste water. This technology has a number of advantages, such as a wide range of application, high purification efficiency, small occupied area, low energy consumption and less secondary pollution, thus having wide prospects for application.

Through production-study-research cooperation, the National Engineering Center of Polyurethane Center has developed a set of high-density organic wastewater catalytic wet air oxidation treatment technologies with independent intellectual property rights and has established an organic waste water treatment plant of 16000 tons/year, thus being able to treat multiple organic wastewater with COD content of up to 40,000 mg/L, the COD removal rate reaches up to 95%. The wastewater after treatment can be directly biodegraded, the comprehensive cost of wastewater treatment is about 100 yuan/ton. This technology has passed the achievement appraisal of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and reached the international advanced level.

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