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Research Strength

Research Strength

There are 435 permanent researchers in the National Engineering Center of Polyurethane Center, including 35 doctors, 161 masters, 42 researchers and senior engineers, and 11 experts who enjoy the “State Council Allowance”, have been selected into the National Special Support Program, National Thousand Talents Program, Taishan Scholar Program of Shandong and enjoy special government allowance.

The Center has well-equipped scientific research facilities, among which there are large-scale analysis and test instruments with original value of about 15 million yuan, over 100 sets of scientific research equipment and 26 sets of pilot-plants. Established technology platforms mainly cover phosgenation, catalytic hydrogenation, catalytic oxidation, organic synthesis, surface material, flexible/rigid foam, elastomer, analysis and test, chemical engineering simulation, etc., thus it is qualified to carry out analysis and testing, research and development as well as engineering of the raw materials, materials and manufactured goods in the PU field.


This Center has mastered an array of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, such as PU materials and system solutions used in MDI, TDI, ADI, TPU, automobile and furniture, environmentally friendly surface materials and system solutions, PU and system solutions used in building energy efficiency, MDI effluent brine recycling technology, high-density organic wastewater catalytic wet air oxidation technology, and energy saving and emission reduction technology for making chlorine through the catalytic oxidation of by-product hydrogen chloride. The relevant achievements have successively won national science and technology awards five times, such as the 1st Prize of National Progress Awards in Scientific & Technological , the 2nd Prize of National Technological Invention Award and provincial and ministerial science and technology awards for over 20 times.

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