2011 new technology of manufacturing MDI through phosgenation reaction

MDI manufacturing mainly includes three parts: polyamine manufacturing, phosgenation, separation and purification, in which phosgenation reaction is the most critical link.The energy consumption in traditional phosgenation technological processes accounts for over 60% of the total consumption of MDI manufacturing. Because the phosgenation reaction has rapid reaction speed and a complicated gas-liquid-solid three-phase reaction system, the technological development is recognized as the most complicated link in MDI manufacturing. The researchers at Wanhua focused on the development of the reactor and finally successfully developed new fifth-generation technology for phosgenation reactions with the new reactor as the core after five years of numerous pilot plant tests and industrial tests. The application of this technology increases the capacity of the single set of MDI equipment phosgenation reaction system of Wanhua from 200,000 tons/year to over 400,000 tons/year, sharply reduces the solvent dosage and reaches over 40% comprehensive energy saving, thereby establishing the leading position of Wanhua in worldwide MDI manufacturing field and enhancing the competitiveness and influence of Wanhua in international polyurethane industry.