2007 Wanhua won 1st Prize of National Progress Awards in Science & Technolog

On January 8, 2008, the project of 200,000 tons/year large-scale MDI production technology development and industrialization of Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd. (predecessor of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.) won the 1st Prize of the National Progress Awards in Scientific & Technologyof 2007. Before that, the 1st Prize of the National Scientific & Technological Progress Prize in chemical industry had not been awarded for five years. This project successfully developed a series of advanced processes and technologies, such as, a multistage continuous condensation reaction technology development, receiving almost 20 invention patent licenses and realized large-scale industrialization in the Wanhua Ningbo industrial park, in which the newly-built equipment is successful for the first commissioning and operated stably. Compared with equipment of similar technologies, MDI equipment built with the technologies from this project requires low investment, low consumption and yields high quality, thus obtaining strong competitiveness, which indicates that MDI (the most important raw material in China's polyurethane industry) production technology has reached international top-ranking level.